Holy Year 2016
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An Extraordinary Year of Jubilee!

The Holy Door of St Peter’s in Rome has been opened as a mark of the special nature of the year ahead for the Church. The Holy Door in our own Cathedral has similarly been broken open, in communion with that of St Peter’s.

This is the year declared by Pope Francis as an Extraordinary Year of Jubilee.

As a focus for our spiritual lives across the year ahead, we are invited to ‘walk through’ the Holy Door; to reflect on God’s mercy and love and the richness of these in our lives, for the Church united and to bring to the world around us.

How can we do this?

Throughout the year, as a response to Pope Francis’ invitation and call, Parish and Diocesan events will help our focus. The year is a personal journey for each of us but also a journey for us together as a Parish community; for us together across our Diocese, across the Country and together as the Church united across the World.

• Lent in the year of Jubilee

The Season of Lent, which will shortly be upon us, will lead us to Easter Joy. In this Extraordinary Year of Jubilee, this provides the opportunity for richer focus; the chance to reflect the more on God’s tender mercy for each and everyone of us.

• '24 hours for the Lord'   4th/5th March

An invitation from Pope Francis to celebrate the Jubilee Year for 24hrs immediately preceding the Fourth Sunday of Lent. His call is to reflect on the importance of receiving and experiencing the mercy of God through Eucharistic Adoration and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

We will be joining with Parishes across our Diocese to enable this to be a focal point – a ‘way-marker’ – on our early journey into the year. Full details to follow.

Included in our Parish programme is: Sat 5th March 10am Mass of Reconciliation

• A focus for Schools   4th March

There will be a special focus for all our Schools across the Diocese on this day. This will be an opportunity for the young Church to join together with Pope Francis and the Church across the World, in their own way, on their journey in the year.

• A focus for our young Parish family : Holy Communion preparation   5th March

As our young Parish family progress on their journey towards their first Holy Communion celebration in this Jubilee Year, this will be a celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation for them and their families. It will take place after the 10am Mass of Reconciliation.

• Lent Reconciliation: our Parish Service of Reconciliation   21st March

As we continue our Lenten journey towards the Celebration of Easter in this Jubilee Year, we join together as a Parish, as we always do, to reflect on our spiritual need for Reconciliation and to prepare us for the joy of Easter to come.

• Lent Reconciliation: our Deanery together with Bishop Patrick

Our opportunity to join together with our fellow Parishes and Bishop Patrick on our Lenten journey:

Tuesday 23rd February  7pm   at St Hugh’s, Lincoln

Monday 14th March  7pm   at St Barnabas Cathedral

Friday 18th March  7pm   at St Mary’s, Grantham

The Extraordinary Year of Jubilee

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